Level I


Training summary

Training and skills focused on responding appropriately to short-term emergencies lasting days, and using resources you have on hand. This level includes, but is not limited to: sheltering in place, navigating to home if away, go bags, basic first aid, and situational awareness.

(minimum of 5 people to constitute a class)

Below is an example of what the Course Schedule will look like:

Day 1- Course Schedule

8:00 am:
Welcome & Introduction to Objectives

Overview of Levels 1, 2, and 3

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Water-Storage, Containers, Purification

Practical-Water Purification

Food – Nutritional needs

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Health (Physical) – Exposure, Dehydration, Pharmaceuticals

Practical- Pressure bandages, Tourniquets

12:30 pm:


Health (Psychological) – Fight or Flight Response, Fear, Anxiety


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Communication- Networking, Modes of Communication

Practical- Family Radio Service (FRS), Citizens Band Radio (CB), Short Wave Receivers

Weapons Safety and Familiarization

Situational Awareness– Know Your Territory – Introduction to maps and navigation

Practical– Introduction to Firearms (Safe Weapons Handling)

Wrapping it all up – “Go Bags”

5:00 pm:
Debrief – Evaluations / Feedback

5:30 pm:



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Level I: Resources

Resources are comprised of several categories including water, food, batteries, and other consumables.

In Level I we will teach you how to acquire, store, and manage your resources so you can use them to your advantage during a short-term emergency.

Level I: Health

Health will cover basic first aid and hygiene supplies.

In Level I we will teach you the difference between non-life threatening and life threatening emergencies, how to treat them and seek a higher level of medical care.

Level I: Security

Security will cover how to stay safe during short-term emergencies and possible threatening encounters.

In Level I security you will learn about family and citizen band radios, short wave receivers, basic weapons, gun safety, and situational awareness.

Lodging Options:

Huntingfield Farm

Bed & Breakfast

Training venue and optional lodging for Virginia Courses

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The Farmhouse


The Hills


The Farm